The first home I remember growing up in was a very small house.
For a family of 7, 2 parents and 5 boys, any house is really too small.
But this was a small house.
It was a miracle that us and all of our things fit and survived our 12 years of living there.
When I think about that house, I can almost lay out where every room was.
My parent’s bedroom was upstairs on the right side of the hallway.
Mine was on the left for a while, until I moved into the basement.
Whether my room was upstairs or down, my room was at the end of the hall.
More importantly, so was the bathroom.
In a house of 7, bathroom time was a thing that was very important, and always limited.
More often that I can remember, I would spend a good amount of time in the hallway, waiting for the bathroom door to open.
Such is the rest of our lives.
We are waiting in the hall.
Too often in life we find that we have passed through some experience.
We have gotten a fantastic job offer.
We graduated from high school or college.
We found the person we love more than any other in the world.
We are filled with excitement, joy and a grand desire to take that step into that job, the world after school or that next step in a relationship.
Other times, the experiences are not so red and rosy.
We may be sitting at the bedside of a loved one, as they slowly pass away.
We may be on the end of an unjust firing from work.
We could be staring into a bleak and unsure future.
We are filled with anxiety, fear and an overwhelming sense of doom as we linger at the end of another life experience.
What are we to do?
Between that last experience and the next, what should occupy our time?
It may sound silly. It may even sound cliched and forced.
But this is a completely true statement.
While we are waiting, it is to God that we should turn to.
While we are anticipating good things, eager to start new chapters of blessing, we should be looking to God and saying thank you.
While we are finding ourselves in a dark hallway with death and defeat all around us, we should be looking to the God who does not leave us.
This may not come as a completely natural idea, but it a very biblical one.
Consider David, in all the years of fleeing from a king that wanted to kill him, and hiding from enemies inside their countries, what did he spend his time doing?
Writing psalms, or songs of praise to God.
While David was waiting for the door to open, for his kingship of Israel to start, he waited in the hallway.
And he praised God.
Because God is worthy of our praise.
God is still good, whether we are in the hallway, opening a new door or just closing an old one.
God is good and worthy of our praise.
So, if you find yourself in a hallway, literally or figuratively, take some time to praise God.
He deserves it.

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