What does it take to make God work in your life?
I’ve had that question rolling around in my head for years.
I’ve wondered that when missionaries would come and speak at my church. They would share their grand stories of God moving and shaking the very Earth for them, seeing war lords laying down arms, to having food appear out of thin air to feed the masses.
I’ve wondered that when evangelists would sit down and talk with me. They would speak of their great crusades, seeing thousands surrender their lives to the saving grace of God, having miracles happen before their eyes.
I’ve wondered about this for a long time, and I’m not sure I have an answer yet.
But something that someone said a few weeks ago started to push me towards more of an understanding than an answer to my question.
And I think in this case, an understanding is better than an answer.
This someone was talking about a mutual friend, we’ll call her Tammy.
Tammy was off doing some missions work. She wasn’t traveling to another country or anything, just the next province/state over. It wasn’t like Tammy had sold all of her possessions so that she could do this, she only raised a few hundred dollars. And Tammy isn’t an old, saintly Christian, with silver hair and a grandmotherly smile. No, she’s a teenager, bouncy, full of life, brown hair. Less grandmotherly-smile and more of a teenage -dorky, life-is-good smile.

Even though Tammy was not the usual, or my usual image of a missionary, there were great things happening. People were being healed. Kids that were previously sexually abused were being released of the pain and anguish that comes with that. Demons and dark spirits were fleeing schools and lives in the name of Jesus. It was amazing to hear that God was actively moving in and through Tammy.

So Tammy was off, doing her missions work, and my friend was sharing how everything was going. And this comment was made.

“Well, she doesn’t have work or friends or family there to distract her. It’s just her and God. That is how all these amazing things are happening.”

When I heard that, it pricked my spirit. Really, I thought. That is why God is working through Tammy right now? She has given up everything, no friends, no family, no work, no entertainment…and that is the reason that God is using her?


On the one hand, it makes sense. Numerous times, Jesus would call people to follow Him, and with that call was a need for them to leave things behind. When Jesus called Peter, Jesus said, “Follow me.” Peter left his boat, his fishing net and followed. And because Peter did that, amazing things happened afterwards. Peter preached,recorded in Acts 2, and 3,000 people came to know Christ. The lame man that sat at the Gate called Beautiful was healed. And the list goes on, but…

Does that mean that Peter gave everything up? Did Peter become a hermit, almost cut off from the world so that God could work through him? Was that what Tammy had to do? What she did and would have to continue doing if she wanted to continue being a missionary or evangelist?

Now, this is where my revelation came in, my understanding to “what does it take to make God work in my life.”For Peter, there was no becoming a hermit. He didn’t cut himself off from the world. He was “in the world, but not of it” like Paul called us to be in Romans 12. Rather, Peter and the other disciples had a transforming of the mind.What would happen if we lived our lives, our daily lives, our going to work, our taking the kids to daycare, our commute to work, what if we treated all of that the same way that missionaries and evangelists treat their trips?
What if our attitude going into everyday activities was the same as theirs?That attitude is an attitude of expectancy. Missionaries and evangelists except that something is going to happen when they go and share Jesus. They are anticipating change and miracles when people are introduced to a loving and gracious God. They know that the world will not be the same when they have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus, in any and all ways that they can.To those that say, “I don’t need an attitude adjustment, I know God can do all those things,” take this one step further. It goes deeper than just changing your attitude in your daily to and fro. It becomes a question about faith.

Do you live your life in faith that God is ready to do something?
Do you live expecting God to move and change things?

So, back to the question that started all of this.

What does it take to make God work in your life?
While it may take some sacrifice, some giving up and leaving things behind, I think that an attitude of expectancy and a life of faith is what it takes to see God work in your life.
Having faith and expecting God to move doesn’t guarantee any kind of result. It isn’t any kind of sure answer. But it does work, it gives me a peace and an understanding of what God wants from me.

What do you think?
What does it take to make God work in your life?

Let me know in the comment section.


One thought on “Stay Here Without God, Or Go There With Him?

  1. I really think it is as simple as being willing to have God use in whatever way He will, and being willing to allow Him to change you. He will lay on our hearts the burden for whatever He wills for our lives.


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