What is it about growing old that it has such a negative vibe surrounding it?
Why do we, as a younger generation, look at aging with such disgust?
Why do women spend millions upon millions of dollars every year on the latest anti-aging cream?
Why do guys buy bottle after bottle of “Just for Men” hair or beard dye to black out the few grey hairs they have?
What don’t we like about aging, getting older, going grey?
It’s everywhere.
All you have to do is look at Hollywood, and the number of actors and actresses that have gotten Botox procedures done to their face or had skin removed from their necks.
No one likes the look of age.But even here at home, we think and act the same way. Look at the moms and dads in your neighborhood. Whatever neighborhood you live in, in whatever city or country you call home, there are hundreds of thousands of people working out, juicing, dieting, doing anything and everything to stave off aging.
Why are we so scared of getting old?

Is it because aging is easily linked to death and disease? And then linked to our fear of the unknown?Or do we think that we will become useless and decrepit when we get to old?
Do we fear being a waste of space, or tossed away into a home so not to be a bother?There could be more reasons beyond these few.
But we still are scared of getting old.

But there is a simple way to remedy that, if we are willing to change how we think of aging.27960-stress-gray-hair-1-2

Because no matter how much you may not like it, you are and will continue to get older. Trying to stop yourself from getting older is a losing battle. You cannot win.

All the Botox, anti-aging creams and bottles of “Just For Men” are not going to change that.
So rather than spend all that you have fighting a battle that cannot be won, I suggest changing your thinking about age.

Rather than aging being seen as a terrible thing, getting older is and should be see as a blessing for God.

Ponder this bit of Scripture.

The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, If it is found in the way of righteousness.(Proverbs 16:31 NKJV)

In the days that this proverb was written, the average person didn’t live very long. Especially not compared to lifespans today.

Either disease, famine or war brought a young life to an end.

If someone reached the age of 40 ish, they are doing well.
It was an odd or very special man or woman that was getting older than that.

In the eyes of the ancients getting old, living to see your hair change color was a sign of blessing.
It was by God’s gracious hand that you had not succumb to sickness, the horrible effects of battle or the ravishing desert.


Getting old was a mark of life touched by God.
Not a curse, but a blessing.

This is completely contrary to the way that we see aging today, but it really makes one think about their life.

Has my life been touched by God?
Can you see it, from the outside?
Are there actual physical markers for my family, friends and neighbors to notice that God has been gracious to me?

I can guarantee that there are.
The list of blessings that God has showered on us is longer than we can comprehend.
From big things like landing the perfect job to seeing your kids get into a good school, you can see that God has been good to you.
From small things like seeing a beautiful sunrise to smelling the sweet morning dew on your lawn, there are evidences of God’s blessing in your life.

And one that we can all point to, whether we are rich or poor, living in the modern age or living in the pages of Scripture, is a long life.

A life marked with blessings and promises.
A life overflowing with goodness and fresh mercies.
A life tinted with a little grey or silver in our hair.

Do you look at your life as an example of God’s blessing?
Grey hairs and all?
Because your life is, whether you see it or not.
You’re aging body is a living testimony of God’s goodness.

Change the way that you see yourself.
Stop trying to fight against something that will not stop.
And see yourself as the living example of God’s blessing you are.

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