MyBookLook Breakdown:

Our sexuality and our spirituality are intrinsically linked.
While the idea of sex and a belief in God are often estranged in our daily conversations, Rob Bell does a valiant job bringing the two subjects together.
Taking the word “sex” back to its origin, meaning to be severed, amputated or disconnected, Bell paints a beautiful painting of how our sexuality and spirituality are connected, and how there is an eternal desire within us to be attached, joined and connected.
While we may often try to make these “real” connections in romantic and physical interactions, Bell believes that there is something more going on than the mere mechanics of sex. Something is happening beneath the surface, that there is a spiritual connection that is trying to be made.
Something that we need to be aware of, because the implications of our sexuality and our spirituality are life altering.

MyBookLook Opinion:

I was a bit leery of a book about sex and God, or a Sex God, even when I found out one of my favorite pastors/authors was behind it.
It turned out that I was worrying for nothing. This book was wonderful.
The connections that Bell makes between sex and our spiritual relationship with God are nothing but biblically grounded ideas being explained in a unique way.
This book continues with Bell’s story-filled examples to help uncover and unearth the lost or confusing mysteries of the Bible. And like always, it brings everything a little bit closer to home, helping build up and edify the reader.
While for me, it took a while to get used to Bell’s new (or old origin based) definition of sex, I do see how going back to the original Latin was an important foundation for this book.
Overall, Sex God by Rob Bell is a wonderful, simple read with truth for youth and adults of all ages.
I give this book a 5 out of 5 star rating.

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