Hollywood is filled with hopeful dreams and devastated realists.

Photo Credit: photographerglen, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: photographerglen, Creative Commons

It is over flowing with people doing everything they can to be the next big thing, and more people trying to stay at the top as the big thing.

Probably the last thing on Hollywood’s collective mind is the need for positive role modeling.

They talk about it in interviews and tweets all the time, but talk can be cheap. Chances are that they don’t give it a lot of thought. Most people in Tinseltown probably do not care that the rest of the world is looking to them as the example to live their lives.

And this is a sad truth. The outside world looks to Hollywood and the actors and actresses inside and derive a lifestyle to replicate.

It is not always a good thing.

But there are a few shining examples in all that darkness, a few good role models in the mix of sludge. A select number of individuals that do not succumb to the peer pressure or the life of fame and fortune. They live in a more honest and honorable way.

This handful of celebrities may model attributes or lifestyle choices that should be replicated in the lives of our youth and young people.

Some have been this way for a long time, while others are coming around only now. One of those select few may surprise you.

Her name is Christina Aguilera (Xtina).

And here are 3 reasons that Xtina could be a role model for our kids.

1. She is securing a constant future for herself.

Photo Credit: Mills Apartments, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Mills Apartments, Creative Commons

Already into their fifth season, Xtina has returned to NBC’s The Voice as a judge and mentor of hopeful stars as they battle and sing their way into America’s heart.

While Xtina did take season four off to pursue her singing career, she is displaying a wisdom that you don’t often see in Hollywood.

She seems to have discovered the beauty of routine, doing the same thing day after day. Having job security, something that is consistent for a long time has become very underrated.

In an industry, music or the visual arts, where new and hip is demanded, where a new experience is what the crowd is roaring for, it is strange to see people settling for something more normal.

More and more we are seeing people quit one job to start a new, more exciting job, only to quit that and try something else again.

The desire for the new and fresh actually brings about their own destruction rather than building towards a future.

And in an economy that is weak at the best of times, where jobs and money are scarce, it is a wise choice for people to find a job that is constant.

It is surprising that Xtina is doing that, but that doesn’t diminish that value of her actions.

Actions that the youth and young adults of this generations should be paying attention to and replicating in their own lives.

“The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10).”

2. She is comfortable with her body.

At the American Music Awards (AMAs) the tabloids and gossip columns were a buzz about how great everyone was looking, especially Xtina.

Photo Credit: microlabworld, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: microlabworld, Creative Commons

One newspaper described her as a “yo-you dieter”, always fluctuating in weight, but that night she looked wonderful.

And this was not Hollywood wonderful, where a woman has to be pencil thin, she was looking wonderful and healthy.

Xtina was a woman with flesh on her bones, not a skeleton with skin on.

It is truly terrible that Hollywood demands this of their actresses. What is worse is that their demand influences the young women of the world, and tells them that they need to be the same way.

If you aren’t pencil thin, you don’t get the guy at the end of the movie.

If you have muscle or curves on your body, you must be the girl that lives alone forever with her cats.

If you don’t look like a photoshopped model everyday of the week, you are deserving of mockery and laughter.

But Xtina doesn’t seem to care at all.

She has put on some weight, and she is okay with that.

It is good and healthy weight, and she is completely comfortable in her own skin.

She likes the way that she looks and is not conforming to the rigid and impossible standard of Hollywood.

This is something that this generation of young girls struggle with all the time, and they could learn a thing or two from Xtina.

It is good and totally alright to have skin and muscle and even some fat on your bones.

It is good to be a healthy weight for your frame and body type.

It is good to be comfortable with who you are.

Sexiness [or attractiveness] is being comfortable with who you are.” – Sex God, Rob Bell.

3. Xtina is removing herself from the list of sex objects in the music industry.

We’ve all heard about what Miley did.

Photo Credit: r1_castillo, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: r1_castillo, Creative Commons

Whether it was the twerking on stage or her Wrecking Ball music video, society in general knows that Miley is shedding her Disney persona and putting on a new one.

No longer is she Hanna Montanna. She is a sexually charged young woman. And she won’t stop.

That message, that you can do whatever you want with your body, no one can tell you want to do, that Miley and many other women continue to proclaim is a damaging one.Especially when young girls are living that way because of Hollywood’s example.

Premarital sex, teenage pregnancies, drug addictions, and a whole host of other things linger at the end of those Miley and like minded women’s songs.

Girls get turned into objects for men’s sexual gratification and nothing more.

They are not people, but things to be used.

That is not what girls are meant to be.

Thankfully not every Hollywood lady is like that. Xtina included.

Rather than donning a Tarzan and Jane outfit for her latest music video like Katy Perry, and rather than just a birthday suit like Miley, Xtina went a different route.

Clothed, and in a very classy and elegant way.

Xtina seems to have left even her wilder days behind and realized the truth.

She is so much more and has so much more to offer than her body.

She has a wonderful and unique voice that has touched and moved countless people’s lives.

She has a story to share, a story that girls across the globe can identify with.

And it is not about reducing yourself to a sex toy.

But finding out who you are, discovering that there is strength inside of you, that you are capable of great things, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

More girls need to realize that they have a boundless reservoir of greatness in them, and it is not connected to their sexuality.

Their potential greatness is connected to who they are and what they can do. Not to how they dress, but how they impact a world that needs change. Xtina seems to be understanding that, and I hope to see our young women begin to as well.


This is by no means a statement that Xtina is the greatest role model in Hollywood, or that she is a great role model when you look at the female role models in all the world.

And this has all been an opinion, my opinion. Xtina could do something radical tomorrow that does not line up with the things that I have seen.

What I want you to see here are the things that need to be changed and taught to our young people. And though they may look to imperfect role models, like those in Hollywood, there are some good qualities that can be mined and refined.

Not all are perfect, still good things that we need to see more of in this generations’ children.

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