What about the Simpsons?

Photo by skitty25, Creative Common
Photo by skitty25, Creative Common

Or Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

You can change the TV show title to whatever you want it to be. Cheers, M*A*S*H*, Two and A Half Men; there are thousands to chose from. But whatever the title of the show, whether it is live action or animation, there is a question that lingers in the air.

Does God find that funny?

Now that may sound like a completely subjective question. What God finds humorous, what God laughs at is totally up to Him, just like what we find funny is totally up to us, the individual. I may like the Office, the American version, while you are more fond of the original British show. It is totally subjective. But that doesn’t make the question any less interesting and puzzling.

What makes God chuckle, snicker or roar with a thunderous laugh?

What kind of humor, what kind of comedy is God’s favorite?

Growing up in the church I have heard numerous pastors mention how God is a God with a sense of humor. They have said things like, “Look at the platypus, that is funny looking”, or “Of course God has a sense of humor, He made you.”

Unless you are a fan of lame duck/otter mating jokes or you like being insulted to your face, these things are not evidence that God finds things funny. It only proves that God does and continues to create things that we may not totally understand or appreciate the way that He does.

So\, back to the question. What makes God laugh?

I’ve had other pastors, men and women that loved to study the Scriptures, talk about how God is a funny God. They reference the ancient languages of the Bible as their proof, and I’ll give you an example.

God created man, who was called Adam, out of the ground or the earth. You can find that story in the book of Genesis.

The Hebrew word for man is “Adam“. The Hebrew word for ground is “Adamah“. So “Adam” was created out of “Adamah“.

It’s a play on words, a pun. God is a punny guy.

As far as this proof of God’s humor goes, the argument can be made that this is not God’s sense of humor at all. The Bible is the Word of God, but it was written by human, and the Bible is filled with examples of their humanity spilling on the page. This “Adam” and “Adamah” pun could just as easily been the work of the author, Moses.

Photo by askmelissa.com, Creative Commons
Photo by askmelissa.com, Creative Commons

So, I ask again, what does God think is funny?

The old quote from Woody Allen comes to mind.

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

While this may be true, it is less a quote about God’s comedy sense and more about how small our plans are compared to the vast and unimaginable wonder that He has in store for His children.

I could keep talking about what makes God laugh and will talk about it more in the posts to come.

But I want to know what you think?

What do you think makes God chuckle?Or is God opposed to laughter and smiling?

Start a conversation in the comments below.

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Hear from you soon.



5 thoughts on “Does Family Guy Make God Laugh?

  1. Many of these shows, and others on TV are “fouled” by obscene materials and vulgar content. While God is not them, He is watching those who do tune into them! And…I’ll guess He isn’t pleased!

    G. Lash


  2. Hard to say. Maybe the reruns on “ME-TV” (i.e. Dick Van Dyke, Rhoda, Dragnet, etc.)…

    Thanks for the reply. Enjoy!



  3. What is “ME-TV”?
    I’ve never heard of that.
    Would it just be the “older” comedies that He would enjoy?
    Or is there something in older comedies that new ones lack?


  4. Yes to all! “ME-TV” stands for “memorable entertainment television.” It’s a lot like the “Nickelodeon” TV station of years ago.

    “ME” airs the oldies from the 1960-70’s. No swearing, no political nor social satire, just comedy and drama for the sake of entertainment.

    That’s what’s missing in most all of today’s shows. Now, it seems TV and movie producers must have a “hot social” topic to fuel the show.

    Swearing is nothing anymore. Gay rights, women’s rights, divorce for any reason, fornication, etc. are no longer “taboo” on the air.

    In fact, producers and actors alike want more “drama” because it makes for large viewing audiences, and that means more profits.

    Ah, I’m just from the “old school.” My opinions are not reflective of the majority of viewers today…

    Enjoy your day.


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