Photo Credit: ToniVC, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: ToniVC, Creative Commons

Let me be clear.

I’m a fan of Jon Acuff.

He’s at the top of the list for other blogs that I enjoy. (Not that being first is anything special, my wife definitely  wins over Jon Acuff every time.)

I love reading his personal blog as well as his Stuff Christians Like. I have his two books, Quitter and Start, on my Books To Buy list. It isn’t like I worship the ground he walks on, but I really agree and believe in the things that he says.

The ideas that he is putting forth, things like his 30 Day Hustle and Empty Shelf are all wonderful. All of them are things that I want to be a part of. Not just because it is Jon Acuff that is doing it, but the ideas are brilliant and promote bettering of one’s self. There is a catch though.

Something that I didn’t realize until after the New Year began. Everything that Jon Acuff invites me to do demands my time. It isn’t news to anyone; time is a precious commodity. There are only so many seconds in the day. Then that day is eternally lost. The realization that time is limited and there are tons of wonderful things to do with my time, whether invited by Jon Acuff or not, has led me to an important truth.

A man who chases two rabbits catches nothing.

It isn’t a biblical truth. It is an Ancient Roman proverb.

If you are chasing too many dreams, jobs, New Year’s resolutions, whatever it may be, you will be spreading yourself out thin.

You will find that your energy is waning. Your attention will be scattered to a dozen different projects that are half started. Your mind won’t have time to properly focus on what is right in front of you.

Be careful how much you take on, especially with New Years already past and resolutions made. Take stock of what you have to do and want to do.

I have a wife and a baby on the way. I have a full time job. My wife and I have a youth ministry to lead. I share a pulpit at our church.

All these things and more are filling up my plate. And if I overfill my plate, there is the very real possibility that I will see everything topple over. My ministry, my job, my family, my marriage, everything.

Photo Credit: rcakewalk, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: rcakewalk, Creative Commons

Chasing too many things will leave you with empty hands. Chasing too many things will eat up all your time. Chasing too many things is a very bad thing. And that includes New Year’s resolutions and things that Jon Acuff comes up with.

I decided to join Jon and his 30 Day Hustle, a program to initiate and propel dreams and ideas into reality, but that is it. As much as I would love to empty a bookshelf in my house and watch it slowly be filled with all the books that I will read in 2014, I don’t have the time or the space to do that. I can’t participate in Empty Shelf with Jon.

And it isn’t just Jon Acuff and his Empty Shelf program that I have decided I don’t have time for. There are other things that I would like to do that will not fit on my plate without causing problems. So as you are settling into your 2014 routines, with your New Year’s resolutions, be sure to stop and take a moment to consider that proverb again.

A man who chases two rabbits catches nothing.

Also consider these questions.

How are you spending your time? Are you chasing more than one dream at a time? Do all your New Year’s resolutions leave you with an overfilled plate? Will chasing these dreams leave you empty handed?


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