5964900371_98c331fd1d_bI’ve moved a lot in my life. Maybe not as much as some people have, but moving 26 times in 27 year is a lot in my opinion. I’ve been blogging for a little while now and decided that I wanted to take the plunge and really get into it. I wanted to write more, reach more people, have more interesting conversations, so I moved again.

I decided I would set up shop here on Word Press and enjoy the vast number of people that enjoy writing as much as I do. I’m looking forward to getting to know a whole new community. I’m excited to see what will happen in my time here.

But as with every move in my child and adult life, there is a little fear.

There is always a little bit of fear in the back of your head or your heart, whispering. “This isn’t going to work out.” “Things aren’t going to go the way you want them to.”

What’s curious is how truth those fear statements are.

I do have preconcevied notions of what will happen as I start my blog here. I have ideas as to what will be and what should be. But the fear that things won’t work out doesn’t scare me anymore. It excites me.

Because those fear truth are also encouraging.

Things aren’t going to work out the way I may have planned. Good. Things could go much better.

This isn’t going to work out. Maybe, but that means I get to try again and express myself in a completely new way. That means that I get a chance to grow in ways I wouldn’t have before. Maybe you have moved around a lot.

Maybe you have felt and heard those fear truths before too. Don’t be scared, but see them as the encouragement they are meant to be. With this new beginning, there are infinite possibilities for wonderful things to happen.

I hope to see you on the journey.



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